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Internal information system and whistleblower channel

GB makes the Internal Information System and Whistleblower Channel available to all its staff and to its clients, suppliers and other persons interested in communications, to report actions or omissions that affect the principles, values and instructions set out in this Code, conducts displayed that could involve the committing of irregularities or acts that are contrary to law.

The code is available on this website.

The Internal Information System is established in such a way as to guarantee anonymity with respect to the identity of the complainant and of any third party mentioned in the complaint and the actions taken to manage and process it, as well as data protection, preventing access by unauthorized persons and by the complainant if necessary.

The types of communications managed by the Internal System are:

Complaint: a verbal or written statement notifying any event that becomes known and that could constitute an infringement of any of the aspects set out in this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Comment: a communication made in order to transmit information or opinions related to the matter set out in the Code for purposes of improvement, without it being considered an act that constitutes an infringement of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Consultation: consulting, requesting or clarifying any topic related to the Code.