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At Bornay we want to contribute to a sustainable economy with clean technologies. It is important to minimise the impacts of industrial activity. With this in mind, we produce tubes from new types of steel that help to comply with the environmental aims of the European Union.

The use of light-weight steel in the production of tubes enables automobile manufacturers to produce lighter vehicles – but with the same or even better safety standards – while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

Another significant detail is the role played by Bornay in the development of efficient solutions for the renewable energy industry, contributing to the construction of solar photovoltaic power and thermal power plants.

The use of recycled steel makes it possible to reuse raw materials, favouring a more sustainable economy.

Since 2004 Bornay has been certified according to the international ISO 14001 standard. This is the best testimony of the commitment and effectiveness of the environmental management system implemented in our production factories.